Orbital Engineering Works Limited undertakes all aspects of industrial, commercial and residential installations and maintenance services.

Our core business is:

  • All kinds of Electrical works, lighting, and power installations.
  • Telecommunications equipment placement and networking, block wiring and structured cabling.
  • Civil Engineering/Building & Construction works.
  • Design, supply and installation of remote GSM sites power solution (RSP) with wind, solar, batteries, and genset systems, including complete green power solutions without any genset.
  • Air-conditioning systems.
  • Substations.
  • MV and LV switchgear.
  • Street lighting systems and flood lights.
  • Design services, Energy quality surveys and reports.

Specialist Services


Thermal imaging surveying is ideal for carrying out electrical safety inspections, be it to source that loose connection or an overloaded component in your electrical panels. We all understand the consequences of electrical system failure, with the costs associated not often being obvious until it is too late. Whilst the fault observed may only cost less to repair, if left to fail again, that same fault may cost millions in lost sales, downtime, wages, insurance excesses, injury claims etc.

Accidents are commonly caused by loose connections, weakening of insulation, obstructed cooling and mechanical damage. Insurance providers may ask for evidence that you completed thermal imaging survey of your electrical equipment, when renewing or commencing insurance cover. A thermal imaging survey is a fast and cost effective way to locate faults with no disruption to the running of your business.


We offer our clients power quality surveys to ensure that all our installations are fully completed and free from any hidden problems. A written report is then generated and issued as a record. We measure true rms and peak voltage and current, frequency, dips and swells, transients, interruptions, power and power consumption, peak demand harmonics, inter-harmonics, flicker and unbalance. System monitor puts a multi-parameter power quality health check on one display.


We offer our clients an energy survey which will detail ways for reducing your electricity costs. Intelligent lighting, including occupancy and day-light level sensors.


We confirm that we have in place a 24/7 call-out service. All our vehicles are equipped with test equipment and a selection of Electrical spares. All relevant test record sheets, certificates and reports, will be issued on completion of works.